About The Transition


Transition 101

“You are the Divine, incarnate, playing with limits and boundaries, space and time”

 The Transition is a transition in consciousness. It’s an organized opportunity to shift your consciousness from what is needed to play a Hierarchical Game, to a consciousness needed to play an Improvisational Game. The games are so profoundly different, kind of like the difference between tennis and sky diving. If you try to use the tools and rules of tennis  while sky diving…well…you get the point. So, different tools and different rules need to be learned and mastered. Enter The Transition.

 The Hierarchical Game is a scripted game. You have a destiny. You have a purpose. There is a plan for your life and it is your job to find and fulfill it. Because it’s a scripted game, you can go to psychics and fortune tellers and get information about your future. The way that you think, and feel, and organize your time and attention is focused on winning that game…which, by the way, ain’t gonna happen. The Hierarchical Game is a self perpetuating no-win game. When you’re focused on trying to win The Hierarchical Game you are going to use the rules and the tools to get to the goal. And, depending on the sub-game you may be playing, learn the extra tools and rules that game requires.

 The Transition is also a “Game” and is here to help you get comfortable without a script…without a path to follow to the future. To help you get REALLY comfortable staying in the present and learning that your soul and the universe have your back and can be trusted to do the heavy lifting while you pay attention to figuring out who you REALLY  are…an Adult, not a child…and, by the way, the Divine Incarnate, playing with limits and boundaries. space and time. 

“There is nothing wrong with you”

 The Transition was set up for you to practice being here and now, without the fear that there is something wrong with you and that you have to work hard earn or learn your way out of here or into the grace of god. To practice looking at what makes sense to you, and letting yourself live your life, and make your choices based on that, rather than what makes sense to others, but not to you. 

 The Transition is a special arena carved out just for trial and error…so you can practice thinking how an adult thinks, and to use the power that an adult has. In order to do that, you have to understand the difference between how an adult thinks and feels compared to how a child thinks and feels. And, you have to understand how profoundly safe you are to be trying out different ways to view the world, to view reality, to view yourself. And…to see who you are and what you think and what you want, if PROCESS, not product is the point…if you have a right to be here without having to prove yourself worthy.