The Guyz – Why They’re Here

First… why they’re NOT here.

They are NOT here to save us or help us evolve. They are NOT here to judge us. They are NOT here to show us the error of our ways.  

They ARE here to offer an alternative to the way we’ve perceived our reality and reality as a whole. They offer information about who we really are and why we came that has nothing to do with learning or growing or evolving or healing the planet or helping others or ushering in a new reality that will make us whole or lead us back to “The One.”

They ARE offering information that gives us more options for who we can be or what we can do…what we are allowed to be and allowed to do if we understand, REALLY understand who we are and why we came. They ARE opening a door, and several windows, that had been sealed shut by The Hierarchical Game – not to harm us but so we would stay focused on that game. So that we could fully surrender to our humanity and view it, live it, as weak and vulnerable creatures who must evolve into something worthwhile or worthy. That was the point of Spirit devising that amazing game.

The Guyz are here to remind us that we are not only worthwhile and worthy, we are Divine entities playing with limits and boundaries and space and time. To remind us we are safe and free in this choosing of weakness and vulnerability. That we craved the experience of what it would be like to be alone in a body and alone in our own minds.

They are here to remind us that our natural way of being is SO far removed from those conditions as to make them seem exotic and enticing. That our awareness of our own authority and power allows us to view this kind of weakness, frailty and vulnerability as a game; not the least bit serious or to be avoided. They have come to remind us of how truly safe and held we are in every moment of our lives no matter how frightening, uncomfortable, or confusing things may seem. 

They are here to offer us ways to understand that limitation is the point of being here. We come from the unlimited. The Unlimited or The One, is not something to be aspired to. It’s the normal way of our existance outside of the body. We do not have to earn it or learn it, we ARE  it. There is no getting away from it. Not now, not ever. It’s impossible. 

The Guyz are here to help us understand that boundaries are not for protection. We do not need protecting. We are the Divine playing. Boundaries are to help us contain our selves and our experiences so we don’t get distracted and wander off into other peoples realities and miss the one we came to experience.

They are here to help us understand consciousness and how to be conscious. How to feel the magic of the mundane reality we have been taught to disparage and have tried to rise above. They offer us the brilliance and power of staying in the present moment by explaining that there is no past or future. That everything outside of the present is a CONSTRUCT, a STORY, a CONTRIVED CONTINUITY.

They are here to help us feel safe and powerful enough to make choices that come from our own center and our own authority. To feel safe and powerful enough trust that everyone else is Divine and guided, and doing what they came to do, so we don’t have to feel or act responsible for them.

The Guyz are here to help us feel compassion and respect for ourselves FIRST, before we try to offer compassion and respect to others. To give from our abundance, rather than from what costs us what we need for ourselves, so we may be truly, authentically generous. To explain to us the difference between co-dependance and inter-dependance. To explain how relationships work when we are in our own skin and behind our own eyes.

But the main reason they are here is to offer a new game. The Transition. There is a Transition in Consciousness available to those who are interested and are tired of The Hierarchical Game. The Hierarchical Game is no longer the “only game in town”.
Have a think about that, if it’s useful. And, if you have questions or thoughts about any of this that you’d like to share with me, please send them to me here: Contact Me