You Are The Divine Incarnate…Part 1

“You are the divine incarnate, walking the earth, playing with limits, boundaries, space, and time.” The Guys

How can that possibly be of any use in my day in and day out life? I don’t feel like I’m playing here. I feel like I’m working here, that this is serious and important and I have to be careful that I don’t blow it.

If that’s your first response to the statement, you are in excellent company. The whole idea of “playing” here is not what we were brought up to think. And limits…boundaries…space…time. These are huge concepts that baffle us on both psychological and scientific levels. These are SERIOUS topics, IMPORTANT topics, not playthings. Well…maybe, maybe not.

WHAT IF you really are a Spiritual being having a human experience? And WHAT IF, as a Spiritual being, you really do have all the characteristics attributed to god or the Divine? WHAT IF coming here, to this planet, and into this body that has your name and your history, is a way for your particular Spirit to have some fun with the outrageous idea of limitation? And, WHAT IF the creation of space and time was just a way to play with limits and boundaries? How clever is that?

Create the vastness of space and then create containers of limitation within it…containers of suns, planets, asteroids, animate and inanimate “bodies” for Spirit to play in and with…containers of matter that have limits and boundaries. And then…time. Spirit creates time in order to track progress and process…or as someone, said… so that everything doesn’t happen all at once.

WHAT IF one of the ways that Spirit made up to play with limits and boundaries was to play games. Lots of games, all kinds of games that allowed for exploration and experience of the opposite of unlimited, which is what Spirit/the Divine is, UNLIMITED, after all. Unlimited, omnipresent, omniscient  and any definition attributed to god, is the norm for Spirit. It’s home for Spirit. Being one with the all?…the norm for Spirit. Oneness is home.

Limitation, vulnerability, pain, fear, hatred, anger and all the things we call “bad” are EXOTIC experiences for Spirit. The more intense the experience the more exciting it is for Spirit. Think of the thing you would least like to experience in your life…WHAT IF, in the Spiritual realm, that experience might be considered in the same arena as an extreme-sport?

You know what extreme sports are, right? Those things people do that could kill them if they screw up by even a tiny margin. Skiing from the top of a mountain, accessible only by helicopter, with no trails to follow, when avalanches are possible. Or surfing in waves higher than some tall buildings. Or driving race cars at a couple hundred miles an hour. Skydiving and waiting as long as possible to open the parachute.

Or what about those guys that go to the top of huge cliffs and put on these bat-like suits  and jump off in order to “fly” along the side of the cliff at 130 miles an hour? And speaking of cliffs…what about those folks that climb them…straight up them…using only their feet and hands and no parachute or harness? Extreme sports. There are people that LIVE for that adventure. They train for years in order to be able to do these things. And they willingly put their lives at risk for that experience.

That’s what humans are willing to play with… imagine what Spirit is willing to play with.