You Are The Divine Incarnate…Part 3

”You are the divine incarnate, walking the earth, playing with limits, boundaries, space, and time.” The Guyz

So…the EXTREME part of extreme sport can get pretty extreme for extremely curious Spirit, extremely adventurous Spirit, extremely powerful Spirit and completely invulnerable Spirit.

WHAT IF you absolutely KNEW you couldn’t be harmed? What might you as a human,  be interested in experiencing? Might you like to know what it feels like to free-fall out of an airplane and “fly”? Might you be more willing to get into a race car, or travel to wild and wooly places or try some other “dangerous” adventure just to see what it’s like? Just as a vacation from your normal reality? How adventurous might you become if you absolutely KNEW you were completely safe?

Might you wonder what it would be like to be starving? Or tortured? Or caught in an avalanche and rescued? … or not rescued? or to lose everything you hold dear?

Might you wonder how you could overcome huge disadvantages? What might you do if you were born disabled? Or the wrong color? Or disfigured?

The Guyz have said that, for Spirit, coming into a body and doing what we, as humans, think of as awful, terrifying, painful,  horrific or just plain wrong, is similar to how we go to the movies. Think about it. Look at all the people who pay their money to go sit in a movie theatre to watch horror movies that scare the bejesus out of them. ..or go to movies they know, IN ADVANCE, are upsetting… by design… and will make them cry…or thrillers that keep them on the edge of their seats with the tension and suspense.

They go willingly, and pay money to feel these things because they know that it’s “just a movie”…that it only lasts for 2 or 3 hours, and they will get up and go home when it’s over. If they really don’t like the movie and wish they hadn’t come to see it, they can get up and leave and go home, or even go see another movie.

Well…the only difference is that Spirit has a longer time frame to play with. Depending on how deeply it wants to experience something, that time frame could be 120 years instead of 120 minutes…but, the same options  apply. Spirit goes home when the “movie” is over and it can leave at any time if it doesn’t like how it’s going.

Just like people walk out of movies, Spirit walks out of entire life times when its had enough. Spirit uses death to walk out of a life time. Death through illness, accident, misadventure, murder, torture, war or suicide. Spirit can get pretty creative with the leaving-thing, too. There are so many ways to die, and… chances are some of them are interesting enough that Spirit might choose to create a whole life time with a super creative death as a punctuation for the end of it.

Now…just see if you can take a step back from what you assume can only be a “bad” or undesirable experience. Step back from the automatic way of thinking: “Why would anyone, in their right mind, ever want to experience THAT?”… and look at all the things humans are willingly experiencing that you choose not to. All of those humans you know are “in their right minds” and still WANT to experience things you don’t want to.

Then…step back again… and expand out from there… and start to imagine what extremely curious, extremely adventurous, extremely powerful, and completely invulnerable Sprit might create for itself, just for the experience and adventure of it.