You Are The Divine Incarnate…Part 2

“You are the divine incarnate, walking the earth, playing with limits, boundaries, space, and time.” The Guys

Once you kind of get the hang of the idea of how adventurous Spirit can be when it plays…would you be willing to expand your comfort zone to include Spirit wanting to play with limitations using the physical body?

That’s a big leap. Physical disability or illness is a frightening thing…even anticipating the possibility of becoming physically disabled tends to scare the crap out of people. Then there’s the physical pain involved as well as the isolation, the mental distress or the witnessing of the pain in others caused by the disability and on and on and on.

The usual way  to think of it is:
–it’s terrible,

–shouldn’t be happening,
–things would be better if it wasn’t happening.

But WHAT IF, even at the human level, that wasn’t necessarily true? How many times have you heard someone say, or heard of someone saying: this cancer, or this accident,  or this disease, is the best thing that ever happened to them? That without that illness or event, they might never have gotten to experience, or to have, or to meet, or to become something they really valued. And yet, we hold on to the idea of the badness of it…the wrongness of it.

WHAT IF it’s just another extreme sport for Spirit? It is completely understandable that you think you don’t want to play that sport. That’s exactly why you don’t get a “heads-up” on it. You wouldn’t, as a human, choose it. So you get tricked into it…you get blindsided by it. Like being dropped into the deep end of the pool so you can find out you can swim.

Here’s the deal…even though you may not think you want that experience, you…as your Soul’s human agent…really do. And, if you as your Soul’s agent, could really understand what you’d get out of it, you would agree to do it. Reluctantly, maybe, but you’d agree. And, guess what else:
If it happened, you already did agree. So, not giving you a heads-up actually helps you immerse yourself in the process and milk it for all it’s worth.

OK…so, maybe you can begin to wrap your brain around that…but what about the REALLY BIG bad things? War, torture, brutality, murder, famine, child abuse, HITLER, for god’s sake…How can those possibly be “games”?

Good question…See part 3.