Living in the What If…

If you could know for sure that all of the things on the What if list  (click on the link to see the list) were actually true, and you might be able to live your life accordingly, would you be interested in learning how, and what’s involved?

Would you be willing to make some huge changes in the way you make your decisions and choices?

Would you be willing to give up some of your fear and embrace the confusion and discomfort that comes from your known world meeting an unknown world?

Would you consider trusting your own ideas and desires even if they are not part of what your friends and family think and want?

Would you be willing to “trust” what you’ve experienced in your own life that supports this being a Spiritual Reality and not a biological reality?

Would you be willing to try out these new ideas and ways of being in the world to find out first hand if it actually works?

How about letting go of the past and future as relevant reference point?

Would the freedom and opportunity to become who you really are…The Divine playing game after game after game just for the fun and experience…entice you?

Would you want to KNOW that your Soul and the entire universe have and have always had your back?

Would you want to know that you are not alone and cannot be alone while you explore your opportunities for adventures in consciousness that others might find challenging or even offensive?

Would you be willing to trust your own loving being enough to let go of external standards of behavior?

Would you be willing to face the anger and disappointment of your family and friends when you step outside the lines of consensus reality?

Would you be willing to ignore the collective consciousness and its “proof” of that reality?

To really examine that reality without The Hierarchical Game glasses you had to wear in order to see what the consensus reality sees?

Would you be willing to try out new vantage points in order to get a different look at the picture of reality you were told was the only one?

What if the point of The Transition is to allow you to have a whole different version of Reality? One that puts you in the center of your world rather than as a puppet or pawn in the game of your family lineage or “tribe” or community or government?

What might you think, and feel, and allow yourself, if you believed you were utterly and totally safe? That every single experience you had was orchestrated just for you – tailor made just for you? That nothing that happens to you is anything other than for you?

Might you then be willing to explore the edges of your old reality looking for the doors and windows that have always been there but you were forbidden to talk about or even see?

And what might your life become if you did?

Have a think about that, if it’s useful. And, if you have questions or thoughts about any of this that you’d like to share with me, please send them to me here: Contact Me