If you are anxious or confused about the state of the world…

Some thoughts you might want to consider…

If you are anxious or confused about the state of the world, the planet, the politics, violence, your safety or sanity…you might want to understand why things are the way they are. It might be helpful to know that there is nothing here that is other than Spirit playing with limits, boundaries, space and time. Not only is everything fine, everything is perfect.

If you find yourself feeling responsible for others, like your spouse, your family, or other people in general or for healing the planet or saving the planet, you may find it helpful to know how much of that is part of The Hierarchical Game and not what you believe it is. That it’s not your job, or your responsibility. And, more often than you realize, not even your business.

The more you come to understand how Spirit plays games, and The Hierarchical Game in particular, the easier it can be for you to be free of unnecessary burdens in the outside world and/or your personal personal world  both inner and outer.

The more you can understand game-theory and apply it in ways that overlay what you see and experience in the world you inhabit (and have become so familiar with that it seems there is only one way to view it)  the easier it can be to distance yourself from the games other people are playing and focus on your own. Then the easier it can be for you to know what you’re responsible for in the game you’ve chosen. Then easier to see how all the other games can be the responsibility of the people who have chosen them, and that they are playing them exactly the way they want..

The more you understand about The Hierarchical Game, the more you’ll see it’s build on concepts that are not only not universal, they are the opposite of the way Spirit and the Universe operate. Outside of the made-up Hierarchical Game, there are no good/bad right/wrong moral rules. The whole idea of morality is a construct to help you play with good and bad and right and wrong. It’s another way of allowing for limitation and judgement and all the things that have helped Spirit to endure separation while in a body playing a Hierarchical Game. 

The more you understand that The Hierarchical Game is a no-win game the easier it can be for you to stop trying to win and get comfortable not playing that game at all. It can be easier even while others are egging you on, or criticizing you for not caring, or implying you’re a bad person. Easier, because you can remember what you care about rather than what they deem important.

Plus, the more you understand it’s a no-win game, the less you feel the need to get along with others if it requires you to abandon yourself or the things you care about that others don’t. Then, the freer  you will feel to enjoy the magnificent world that exists now, and appreciate it exactly as it is, for the miracle that it is just by it’s very existence. 

How does it get any better than that?

Have a think about that, if it’s useful. And, if you have questions or thoughts about any of this that you’d like to share with me, please send them to me here: Contact Me