In no particular order, this is a list of just some of the books I’d recommend. I will be adding to this list as I have time.

The Physics of Miracles by Richard Bartlett

What You Think of Me is None of My Business by Terry Cole-Wittaker

Dr. Quantum’s Little Book Of Big Ideas by Fred Alan Wolf

The Seth Material – The first Book by Jane Roberts

The Field by Lynn McTaggart 

You Are Extra-Ordinary  by Roger Williams

To Love Is to Be Happy With by Barry Neil Kaufman

Loving What Is by Byron Katie

When I Say No, I Feel Guilty by Manuel J Smith

Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind  by Nancy Kline

First Things First by Stephen Covey

The Tellington TTouch  by Linda Tellington Jones

Don’t Shoot the Dog! by Karen Pryor

Divorce Busting  by Michele Weiner-Davis

Should I Stay Or Go?  by Lee Raffell

Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT by Karl Dawson

The Happiness Advantage  by Shawn Achor

The Enneagram Made Easy  by Elizabeth Wagele

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees: A Parent’s Guide  by Neale S. Godfrey

Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov

The Mood Cure  by Julia Ross

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers   by Annie Kagan 

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