How I met The Guyz

It started with the singing…

I remember driving home one day and having the urge to sing…not my normal urge driving home. When I gave into it, I heard myself singing in an unusual form. It was like an Opera with different characters and different voices and, the amazing part…not in English. Not in any language I recognized. As I listened…and I was listening, not thinking/choosing in any way, I also noticed that this odd extremely dramatic language had no S sounds at all. It was weird and exciting and wonderful. And…it showed up the same way the next time I was driving home. I had the urge to sing, and it happened again the same way. The feeling was wonderful … my voice was strong… and the opera continued. I have no clue what the dialog was about, but it clearly had several characters and was very animated.

It went on this way for awhile. I don’t remember how long I kept it to myself but at some point I took it to class and sang for the group and Zosh. Very  interesting. Then Zosh did something … no idea what…and it became speech …and it was in English.

It was The Guyz.

That’s not what they called themselves then. The name they gave at that point was something like “Un-duh-way-a”. Not a name I was comfortable with as it sounded too much like “underwear”. After some time of exploring the energy that was them, they said I could call them anything I wanted. I ended up with just  “The Guyz”. No name really worked or felt right.

I had them to myself for about 3 years. I was still going to class but would channel as I was driving into Santa Fe on my way to work…about a 20 minute drive. During that time I got great advice and information on how to be happy and productive in my day. One piece of advice they kept repeating…”Don’t get invested in the results of what you do.” So useful in so  many ways.

How the sessions started

During one of my commutes they said  “Ava, how would you feel about channeling for some of your friends outside of the group? Because if you enjoy it, we have a lot of things to say to a lot of people.” I had no idea what an understatement this was. At the time I had no interest in doing that, and it was more than a year before I tried it.

It was after I quit my job doing hair (June 9, 1989) in order to go full time into my counseling practice using the Option Process. I’d started part time on my days off in 1986, and then just decided to bite the bullet and give counseling/coaching a try. At that point my little practice was built on the Option Process and I fully expected that to continue in that vein. But…as life often proves…thing often do not go as expected.

I found myself with time in my schedule and decided to do what The Guys had suggested and called a bunch of my friends and hair clients and asked them if thy would be interested in an experiment with my channeling.  The channeling would be at no charge but the conditions were they had to be totally honest with me about their thoughts and feelings regarding their experience. No making nice to avoid hurting my feelings. I wanted the truth.

I did sessions with 30 people and the comments were very similar…they liked it and thought the information was right on and useful. Quite a number of them wanted to come back and were willing to pay to talk to The Guys. I was VERY  surprised. My concern was that since I knew all these people I may have unconsciously tuned into an intuitive part of myself. In order to feel OK about the process, I asked these same people if they knew anyone I did not know, or know about, who might be interested in my experiment…same rules, total honesty was mandatory. I did 9 more people with the same kinds of responses. In very short order I had myself a full schedule and a waiting list.