About Ava

I am a Conscious Channel and have been the “mouthpiece” for a group soul that I call The Guyz, since 1985. For the first four years I had them to myself, then in 1989 I made them available to others, professionally. Being a highly sensitive and hermit-ish person, my “practice” has been entirely one-to-one and couples.

I used to feel confused about why I could not bring myself to advertise or create workshops or become more public with a website or a book, like Lazaris or Abraham or Ramtha or Bashar.

Then, over the years, I have come to realize that The Guyz probably picked me for this assignment  because I am the way I am and because I would be willing to work one-on-one with people rather than with groups. It has allowed The Guyz  to go deeply with individuals; into their very individual, subjective spiritual and psychological realities.

This seems to have provided The Guyz  with an opportunity to learn more about us, as well as thoroughly teach the core concepts of The Transition.

Why I am offering this now

My life and the life of many others, has been profoundly impacted by access to these amazing entities. I think it’s time for this information to have a wider audience just in case it can be useful, freeing, fun, or even just interesting.