A little about The Hierarchical Game

The Hierarchical Game was originally set up as a way for Spirit to get comfortable in the body. That’s a longer story, and for now, let’s just look at some core concepts of that Game.

The goal of The Hierarchical Game is to earn or learn your way off the planet and/or into the grace of god. And, as in all games, there are rules for how to play and keep score. 

So, a couple of highlights:
The #1 rule of The Hierarchical Game is:  

You Must Check Your Divinity At The Door. You cannot play The Hierarchical Games  if you know you are the Divine Incarnate…it just plain spoils the fun. 

The Hierarchical Game  is a  game of pretending and to become a Hierarchical Master player, you Must Pretend many things that, outside of The Hierarchical Game, make little or no sense.

For example, you MUST:

Pretend life is NOT a game and that what you are doing is IMPORTANT and MEANINGFUL.

Pretend there is an absolute criterion for everything, when day in and day out your life shows you there is an absolute criterion for nothing.

Pretend there is one right and wrong way to do things.

Pretend that good and bad are absolutes and anyone in their right mind would agree on that.

Pretend that the world is solid matter.

Pretend that there is One God…it is male, and human-like in appearance and personality, and rules from up on high somewhere in the sky.

Pretend (in most sub-games) that you did not choose to come here, and are either blessed or victimized by your circumstance.

Got it?   You MUST pretend.

Another core concept of The Hierarchical Game is that it’s  a good/bad right/wrong game. 

You must be able to choose your responses and actions correctly in order to earn or learn your way off the planet and/or into the grace of god.  This means paying constant attention to what is good/bad/right/wrong in any and all circumstances.

So, in order to make the RIGHT choices, you must become a master of JUDGEMENT. This is a mandatory skill. You must be able to judge yourself and others in order know how to form your values and alliances. This judging of self and others is how you choose your friends, enemies, philosophy, religion and politics. 

In The Hierarchical Game, all of these choices are Important and Meaningful. Your future and your Immortal Soul may be at stake.

You must become so good at it, that every aspect of every moment of every day is silently reviewed, and given a plus or a minus on the scale of good, bad, better, worse, best, worst and so on. Every moment has a hidden score on the judgement scale. And you MUST keep score in order to know how you rank among the other players.

For Example:

How did I do? 

How did they do? 

How did that go? 

Was it good enough? 

Could it/should it have been better? 

Who noticed/ How would they grade it? 

Who could have done better? 

Why didn’t I do better? 

What’s the matter with me? 

What’s the matter with them? 

Why don’t they like me? 

Did they like me? Did they like so and so better than me? 

And on and on and on…constant and unceasing in the background like a narration that dictates the mood of the day.

Sound familiar? Well, before you judge yourself for judging, know this: Judgement is an essential part of Hierarchical Mastery. It’s not a Bad thing. It’s core to the ability to play The Hierarchical Game well. Core to tracking how those around you are doing. 

By using judgement and then comparison, another necessary skill, you can track how you are doing compared to your peers. In The Hierarchical Game, both are essential for knowing where you stand in relation to others, in order to KEEP SCORE.

In The Transition, where there is no scoring at all, judging is just plain useless. The Transition provides a real and safe opportunity to release those strategies and relax into who and what you really are…the Divine Incarnate playing with limits, boundaries, space and time.

If you’re bored with The Hierarchical Game, it’s WAY more fun.

Have a think about that, if it’s useful. And, if you have questions or thoughts about any of this that you’d like to share with me, please send them to me here: Contact Me