Welcome to The Transition

…a work-in-progress… dedicated to sharing concepts, thoughts and ideas that have come from sessions with “The Guyz” and/or Ava.

Ali WavingI have been channeling a group soul, I call “The Guyz”,  professionally since 1989. During that time I have accumulated an enormous amount of amazing information. This website is my way of starting to make that information available to people other than my clients.

Here, I’m hoping to gather and organize what The Guyz  have said that might be useful to you on either a psychological level, a spiritual level, or both.

Think of these offerings as alternatives or options for viewing yourself in the context of your world and your current reality. This world is an amazing playground and offers  adventure, fun and freedom.

If you have accidently stumbled on this site, please know that it was constructed for people who have already been working with The Guyz, and have a foundation for this information that is not covered here… yet.

However you got here, have a look around and see if anything sparkles for you. 

Thanks for stopping by.